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In 2015, DLB Transportes initiated the DLB Transportes – SMEs’ Qualification Project.

Project designation: Qual DLB

Project code: ALT 20-01-0853-FEDER-001563

Main objective: To strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

Region of intervenction:

Entity beneficted: D.L.B. – Transportes. LDA

Date of approval: 14th August 2015

Start date: 10th September 2015

Completion date: 09th September 2017

Total eligible cost: € 96,718.68

European Union financial support: € 43,523.41

Objectives, activities and results: Air pollution has become a global problem, directly or indirectly affecting the whole population, and therefore measures are required to reduce pollutant emissions, especially Greenhouse Gases.
In this context, the objective defined by the DLB is based on the use of techniques that contribute to minimize this impact, simultaneously increasing its external visibility and competitiveness, through the reduction of costs.
These objectives are achieved through two distinct but complementary types of investment. On the one hand, investments that contribute to the increase of competitiveness as it is the use of information and communication technologies aimed at better management of fleets, times, routes and consumptions and on the other hand investments in the improvement and recognition of the image in the internal and external markets.
This target is expected to increase total sales volume by about 10% over the next 3 years, with export growth increasing by 18% by not only increasing the number of customers in the countries to which the company has already but also by attracting new customers in new countries such as Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.

Logo Alentejo 2020 Logo Portugal 2020 Logo FEDER